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Count It Off is a setlist metronome app for musicians for iPhone and Apple Watch. It has an intuitive interface that is familiar. The experience is focused on giving the musician fast, easy access to the next song they have to play and its tempo. What sets Count It Off apart from the competition is it's focused experience on just giving the tempo before the musician plays the song, and the independent Apple Watch app that allows the musician to feel the tempo through the Taptic ™ engine and/or flash of the screen, so they don't need to hear it. Count It Off is accessible through VoiceOver and supports Dynamic Text for vision impaired users.


Our Story

Count It Off was developed as a side project by the following team members.

Team Members

Kyle Sherman

Instruments: Drums, guitar, and bass

Kyle has been a musician his whole life starting with the drums when he was 2 years old. He then started playing guitar and bass when he was 10. He has always enjoyed playing shows and with friends. Kyle never made music his career, opting instead to pursue a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Rutgers University. He then went on to work at Intel, LinkedIn, and now a smaller company called PIX System that does software for the movie industry. Kyle is currently an iOS Engineer at PIX System and works on music software in his free time in addition to playing music.

Kyle has also taught lessons on drums and guitar over the years and has been working on trying to make music software for teaching. You can find the open source music notation library that Miguel and Kyle started on Github. Kyle hopes to make more utilities and software to help musicians in the future.

You can read more about Kyle and his thoughts at his website:

Miguel Osorio

Instruments: Guitar and piano

Miguel has played guitar since he was in high school and started learning the piano in recent years. He currently works at Google on security products. Kyle and Miguel met when they were working at Intel and have been friends ever since. They share a love of music and software. Miguel has worked on the Count It Off iOS app as well as the Swift music notation project with Kyle since the beginning without any prior iOS or Swift experience. Miguel's background in music and experience in multiple areas of software and hardware development make him a great member of the team.

Nicolette Robichaud

Instrument: Piano, cello, and ukulele

Nicolette is a Product Designer at Zendesk focusing on user experience, design systems, and interface design. She started playing the piano when she was 5 years old, played the cello in her high school orchestra, and is currently tinkering with sequencers, synths, and a ukulele. She loves making music and has been looking for ways to connect that with her design and illustration skills.

Kyle and Miguel's mission and immediate need for custom icons and visual design guidance for Count It Off was a perfect match and Nicolette jumped at the opportunity to collaborate.

Why did we make Count It Off?

Kyle had played some gigs where he had practiced the song at a good tempo with the band, but noticed when he went on stage, and the adrenaline was pumping, he counted off the song too fast and the song was rushed. He knew that if he could just have a quick reference to the tempo the band hand picked during practice, that he would be fine and get his adrenaline under control. He searched for an app that could fulfill this need and work on his Apple Watch for quick, easy access, but couldn't find any app that suited this need. So, he decided to build it.

Miguel and Kyle had already been working on music software that was a long way from release, so they put their side project on the shelf and began working to release a new side project: Count It Off.


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